Create a Foundation

In the spirit of helping the needy and the poor or advancing the cause of education and healthcare, some who are fortunate and well off, would like to establish a foundation or an endowment fund to fulfill their charitable objectives. Foundations make possible these objectives of serving public interest and good, now and continuing in the future.

Sterling Management Group (SMG) stands ready to assist in the organization and registration necessary for obtaining tax-exempt status. Providing, also, services in financial management, accounting and tax filing for non-profit and charitable, private and public foundations including endowment funds. SMG works with several attorneys who specialize in the legal aspects of establishing charitable entities and obtaining tax-exempt status for them.

Sterling Charitable Gift Fund

Donor makes charitable contributions to the Fund (completed gift) and takes deduction now
Donor decides when to give and has the option to recommend recipients.

Investment Projects

Sterling Investment Group, LLC (CLOSED)

Syndicated $12 million to own Jucosa, a concentrated fruit juice producer, and Sterling fruit farm in Chile.

Sterling Technology Fund, LLC (CLOSED)

To fund “technology incubators” – SVC Financial Services, Iron Speed, Inc. and ZeeWaves Systems, etc.

Why Choose Us

      • Management team with proven track record
      • Strong focus on long-standing client relationships
      • Diverse Portfolio
      • Investment services with a focus on supporting the community